Craigmyle Legal Nurse Services

Craigmyle Legal Nurse Services, under the expert guidance of Jenn Craigmyle, RN, MSN, is dedicated to providing invaluable support to Attorneys in Southern California and surrounding states.  Specializing in accurate future medical costs and care in the form of Life Care Plans and Medical Cost Projections.  Jenn and her team offer their healthcare expertise to a range of planitiff and defense firms and insurance companies. Their clients include law firms seeking comprehensive reports and plans for cases involving complex medical conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, chronic pain, spinal cord injury, and orthopedic spine injuries. Additionally, Craigmyle Legal Nurse Services assists healthcare institutions, insurance companies, and individual patients in navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare planning and management. With a commitment to precision, holistic care, and accurate guidance, Jenn and her team ensure that their clients receive the utmost support and clarity in their medical and legal endeavors.

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