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Irene Rodriguez, BSN, RN

Irene Rodriguez began her nursing journey at Chaffey College, where she earned her ADN. She continued her education at Western Governors University, obtaining her BSN. Her career started in a community hospital in Riverside, CA, working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. While she enjoyed this highly specialized field, Irene was eager to expand her nursing career.

During her time at Chaffey College, Irene met Jenn Craigmyle, her clinical instructor, which led to her joining Jenn’s CLNS team in 2021. Currently, Irene is a full-time Medical Legal Nurse Specialist and Case Manager, combining her clinical expertise with a deep understanding of medical-legal matters. Her dual proficiency in the medical and legal fields, along with a solid foundation in case management, enables her to effectively bridge the gap between healthcare and legal systems, providing comprehensive and empathetic support to clients.

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